Helen Morley

Helen Morley


Helen is committed to building relationships with clients that provide value-added services by continuing to look for innovative and creative solutions to issues and challenges.

With an instrumental role in introducing Insights to North America in 1999, Helen has extensive knowledge and expertise in people development, beginning her career as a consultant in 1989. Combining her depth of knowledge, her caring, inquisitive nature and her passion for employee well-being, Helen has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions, find the creative solutions, ultimately helping clients address the needs and challenges they face and leading to a journey of discovery and exploration. Working at all levels of an organization, Helen has worked successfully in many areas of application including team development, leadership and organizational effectiveness, dispute resolution and performance management.

An innovative and creative program designer and expert facilitator, Helen has helped clients around the world experience transformational learning and implement practical, lasting strategies to improve organizational performance. Helen has also played a major role in the development of many key global solutions offered by Insights, including Insights Transformational Leadership and Deeper Discovery. Helen has worked closely with the founder of Insights Discovery, Andi Lothian sharing a passion for anything intangible, soulful and Jungian. Helen combines her passion for travel and learning with her expert knowledge of the suite of Insights offerings through facilitating, designing and creating solutions for clients in Calgary, Canada, United States and throughout the global Insights network in a wide variety of industries, including oil and gas, health care, pharmaceuticals, engineering and municipal and provincial governments.

Helen shares a passion for swimming with her husband, and the pair can be found in pools around Calgary, the waters around Australia where they live half time, or competing in a Masters Swim Meet somewhere around the globe. Helen may also be found on a golf course, or on a new photographic adventure with her daughter Sydney.

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