Personal Profile Information Privacy Overview

Your Personal Information – What we store and how we store it

In order to produce your Insights Discovery Personal Profile, you are asked to complete an on-line Evaluator, which is a short questionnaire. The following personal information must be provided by you for use by Insights to prepare your Personal Profile:

  • your referral code,
  • your first name and your last name,
  • your business e-mail address
  • your gender, and the answers you provide in the Evaluator, which will consist of numbers ranging from 0 to 6.  No other personal information is required to prepare your Insights Discovery Personal Profile.

You have the option of providing Insights with your date of birth, job title, and other information, but the provision of this optional information is not required for Insights to generate an Insights Discovery Personal profile for you.

Personal information we collect and store looks like this:

Referral Code: InsightsCW1
Name: Jill Doe
Gender: Female
(1. 0436 (2. 0561 (3. 6013 (4. 2360 (5. 2306 (6. 6502 (7. 0165 (8. 6530 (9. 1506 (10. 6035 (11. 1605 (12: 0426 (13. 6105 (14. 1306 (15. 6420 (16. 2650 (17. 1260 (18. 2056 (19. 6051 (20. 0462 (21. 4610 (22. 3620 (24. 1056 (25. 0641

Personal information you choose to provide to prepare your Insights Discovery Personal Profile will be maintained on secured and monitored servers in the United Kingdom in accordance with the requirements under the Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act of Canada, the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act,  and the Alberta Personal Information Protection Act.  

Questions about our Privacy Policy or how we store or access your personal information should be directed to:

Steven Tory
Director of Operations
Insights Learning and Development
3415 – 3rd Ave. N.W.
Calgary, Alberta
T2N 0M4
Telephone 1-403-233-7263