Our Clients Say it Best

The Insights system works at so many different levels that it consistently gives companies both immediate and long term returns on investment.  Following are a sampling of comments from some of our clients:

Individual Effectiveness

“The Insights seminar was a critical step in improving the internal relations and external effectiveness of the medical programs team” –  Jim C., VP Medical Programs, Health Organization

“Excellent course, shattered my perceptions of color based assessments. Gave an opportunity for honest straight talking” Mindy N., Stakeholder Relations Manager, Provincial Government

“This is an incredibly useful course to gain insights into how to understand others and embrace our differences – everyone has something to offer!  Our instructor (Anne) kept me engaged for the full day” – Norine H., HR Manager, Crown Corporation

“Fabulous experience. I learned a lot about myself and areas that I can improve on, including how to go about reaching those goals.” – Theresa S., Training Coordinator, National Police Force.

Team Effectiveness

“The Insights workshop was a wonderful way to explore the inner personalities of team members and understand the best ways to work with each individual as well as a team. The workshop was informative, fun and casual which made it easy to participate and create a positive and open dialogue among team members. The instructor Kim was highly motivational and knowledgeable, it was a great experience.”Diana Sorace, Communications Advisor, CGA

“This is a very sophisticated system that provides a framework to gain insight about self and others.  Great tool for building a team and creating respect for others strengths.  Everyone is important and contributes to an effective team.  Insights gives us the framework to use all the strengths and contributions of each team member as well as recognizing our own limitations, ‘blind spots’, and how we are when stressed or stretched.  Builds understanding, respect and valuing others.”  – Tanice M., Director of Program Development, Health Organization

“Shauna was able to quickly connect our team to our color energies in a real, meaningful way. It was foundational for us to use this info as a stating point to growing a high performance team” –  Dave R.,  District Manger, National Financial Institute

“This is the most influential and beneficial training any team can take. No team should pass this up, either struggling or successful”  – Brie M., Business Analyst,  Financial Institute.

Change Effectiveness

“The engagement model provides a simple tool that can be used to successfully craft, implement & sustain change initiatives – big and small.”   – Deborah L., Associate Vice President, Financial Institute

“This very practical and valuable workshop allowed me to discover my strengths & weakness, but more importantly to construct an action plan for future leadership success.”  – Tom K., Complex Supervisor, Municipal Government

“Excellent facilitator with an obvious understanding of what “works” in various industries and organizations, which are faced with change.  Great tools to take back and consider for the next change initiative.” – Farah K., Sr. Manager, Power Utility Organization

Leadership Effectiveness

“…I want to improve, and this program, I believe, helped me improve my characteristics as a leader and hopefully as a person, employee, friend, father and husband too.  Secondly, the Leadership Development Program helped me look at others differently by understanding their differences and seeing their strengths, and gave me skills to help them realize their full potential.”  –  Ted C., Sr. Manger, Municipal Government

“I believe this has helped me grow and learn as an individual, a leader and a friend.”  – Alicia W., Customer Care Rep., Telephone Utility

“I thought I understood all aspects of leadership having attended many leadership sessions and working in a leadership capacity for many years. This workshop gave me a far deeper insight into leadership developments from a positive perspective, more than anything else I have ever been exposed to.” – Robin H., Dean, School of Business, Post Secondary Education Institute

Sales and Customer Service

“The Insights course for customer service orientation helped me to gain valuable tools to structure efficient and successful customer interactions” – Greg M., Sr. Manger, Provincial Government

Case Studies:

Some of our clients share how Insights has influenced and transformed their organizations.

BC Ambulance Service

Coastal Community Credit Union

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