About Us

ICW teamF0912Insights Learning and Development Canada West was formed in 2015 when the Insights offices in Calgary and Vancouver joined together under one organization.  Our major focus is working with organizations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories, but Insights Canada West works with hundreds of local, national and international companies.

Insights Learning and Development is a solution provider for companies committed to providing their employees with the tools, systems and training for increased personal, team and organizational effectiveness. The members of our core team are experts in their fields.  The team uses a variety of methods, including assessment tools, workshops, coaching, consulting, on-line modules, learning guides and job aids to ensure meaningful and lasting change. About us

At the heart of our work is the Insights Discovery model, a system which provides a common language for effective interaction and organizational growth, and which has impacted thousands of lives – and companies – across the globe.

Whether your needs are for coaching, consulting, training or professional keynote speaking, Insights Vancouver can assist you in finding the resources that will meet your needs.

We are proud to partner with some of the most successful companies in the world, providing tailored learning and development solutions to help them achieve their people development goals.  We believe your business is unique, and your development solutions should be unique too!

Insights Learning and Development delivers solutions to companies of every size and sector of the economy.  We have worked with organizations in every stage of productivity – from heading towards crisis to moving from good to great. Let us put our two best resources – our ears and our experience- to work finding a unique solution to your unique situation. Contact us today.

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